Aerial Photography

Entrust your next digital project to the expertise of South Burnett Drones. Our fleet of drones is equipped with high-resolution cameras, starting from a minimum of 4K resolution, ensuring exceptional image quality. These cameras excel at capturing diverse footage with precision and clarity.

Our drones boast remarkable optical and digital zoom capabilities, reaching up to an impressive 56x magnification. Whether your subject is nearby or at a distance, we have the ability to zoom in while adhering to the necessary regulations regarding drone flight proximity.

For post-processing tasks, we rely on Adobe software, enabling us to enhance and refine images to achieve desired aesthetics. Additionally, if accuracy is paramount, we employ photogrammetry techniques to merge and manipulate images with precision.

Below, you’ll find a selection of our exceptional photographic work, showcasing the capabilities of our services.

Photogrammetry, Inspections, Promotion & Mapping.

Exclusive to the South Burnett region. From Blackbutt to Cherbourg and surrounding regions. Kingaroy, Wondai, Murgon, Goomeri, Nanango etc.